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FOURTH WEEK ~ Some progress

Current totals: Other:
Running 14.4 mi / 23.17 K Hiking 8 mi / 12.87 K
Biking 95.3 mi / 153.37 K Canoeing 40 minutes
Swimming 2.0 mi / 3.22 K Soccer 5 games

    The big bike ride last weekend ended up to be 33.2 miles. We only rode one way, because my knees started to be sore. However, it was still a nice, long ride, and the rest of me was fine. The next few days, I wasn't sore at all except, inexplicably, in my elbows. One of my elbows is still a bit sore, in fact. Also in the biking department, Steve has been trying to convince me to get road wheels. Right now, I'm riding on mountain wheels, and supposedly that adds a lot of drag and makes me work harder. I'm still debating the $50-$60ish cost, though.

    ~ * ~

    I'm making steady improvement in swimming. The last time I went, I swam in two-lap intervals, meaning that I didn't rest between every lap anymore. My time is settling into the 20-minute range. The one part of my swimming experience that's declining, though, is my equipment. My goggles, so great to begin with, now fog up and let in water. I have permanently sore brow bones from where the goggles sit, and the inside of my ears are sore from my ear plugs. I think I need a new swimsuit, too - one with a "racer" back - because the straps are beginning to loosen and occasionally slip off my shoulders.

    ~ * ~

    I haven't been jogging this week at all, but I count soccer in the running category. My endurance has improved markedly, and I found myself still fresh at the end of an hour-and-a-half game. I'm also getting less of that instant exhaustion at the beginning of the game (before I'm warmed up).


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