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CHANGE OF PLANS ~ To put it mildly

    You can imagine how disappointing it was to receive this letter. I made a personal commitment to work toward this goal, I put a lot of energy into documenting my experiences, and then I find out I can't participate.

    Don't worry, though. All is not lost. I'm trying to get in touch with the Danskin people to get on the waiting list. I've heard about a few (registered) women who won't be doing it, so maybe there is a chance I'll get to enter after all.

    Just in case, however, I have entered another triathlon, Escape from the Rock, which takes place on September 12. The biking and running distances are slightly shorter than the Danskin triathlon, and the swimming is the same. There is no question I'll be ready for that one if I keep training at this pace.

    So, I may end up doing two triathlons this summer, or maybe only one. But in any case, for my birthday (on Sept. 14), I'll be able to tell myself, "Congratulations, you're in shape!" And give myself the gift of not having to workout every day anymore.


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